Our birth story

One week. How is my baby girl one week old already? If anyone knows where I can get my hands on Bernard’s Watch please let me know. Time is going too fast already. I’m sure by next week she’ll be packing her bags and heading off to University… What a week it’s been! I may … More Our birth story

Happily Ever After

Apologies guys, this is a long one, but I promise it has a good ending. By September 2015 we were coming around to the idea of trying again. We thought long and hard about it and spent many nights talking it over, was it really worth putting ourselves in more debt just to fail again? … More Happily Ever After

Just Keep Swimming

Oh how true this is. Although it’s not easy at to tell yourself that at the time. Keeping a positive frame of mind throughout the process is one of the hardest things. Knowing you’re limited in terms of money really adds a lot of stress to the situation. We only had enough money for one … More Just Keep Swimming