Cheryl & Kim

I know I’ve been really slacking lately but I promise i’ll eventually get around to a 2 month update…although she may end up being 6 months before that happens! Time is really slipping away and she’s changing so much every day.

This week we hear from Cheryl & Kim and how they came to be mummies to their gorgeous daughter Lacey.


My partner and I have been together 10 years, we’ve always wanted children so after much talking about our best route.We were lucky enough to have a known donor help us without him wanting any involvement in our baby’s upbringing (which is the thing we were looking for when we first set out on our route to become mummies)! We bought a home insemination kit and I was incredibly lucky to fall pregnant first time.

My pregnancy was the best thing- I had a wonderful experience and 9 months later our beautiful daughter Lacey Olive was born.

The only downside to our experience after I’d had Lacey, Kim wasn’t allowed onto the ward during spouses visiting times. This was due to a confusion on the hospitals part. They thought Lacey’s mother was in the hospital bed (where they’d left me) and not outside the unit asking to come in. They didn’t realise she had two mummies! But once sorted the hospital were most accommodating.

Three and a half years on and they’ve been the best we could of wished for. Our girl brings us such joy and we are so proud of her.
Lacey calls me Mumma and Kim is Mummy Bimbles ( Kim’s nickname that I’ve called her for years is Bimbles, Lacey chose herself to call Kim Mummy Bimbles!)

Every stage of Lacey’s development has been something to cherish we are looking forward to her personality coming out even more. We haven’t been in any situation where our family set up has not been to someone’s liking. We are only as yet met with curiosity on how we became mothers, which Kim’s more than happy to share!

We feel completely happy with our family & it’s great to hear about other two mummy families so that Lacey knows she’s not different to anyone else she comes from a loving happy home with two parents who couldn’t love her any more!


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