Hannah & Natalie

Hi Everyone! Hope your week has been a bit less stressful than mine. I’ve been slacking on posts but Miss Callie is having a tough time and needs all my attention and endless snuggles, which I’m more than happy to provide 🙂

I can’t believe its Tuesday already, time is flying by! This week we hear from Hannah & Natalie on their journey to becoming Mummies to their gorgeous daughter Bridget.



Me and Natalie have been friends for five years but officially a couple for two. She is my best friend and I couldn’t have found a better person to share motherhood with! Here is a quick insight into our journey.

How did we make our little girl? Ok so we used a sperm donor and we decided to do it outside of a clinic for a number of reasons, the cost being one of them. Another is the child can find out who the sperm donor is when she turns 18. Although that’s not a problem, we feel we have more control as we know who it is. We actually asked someone we know but aren’t that close with and don’t spend any time with.

My partner Natalie actually approached the guy with the uncomfortable question. We sat down with him and  spoke about a number of things. He wanted no involvement and  respected that it’s just a donation and we didn’t want him to take on a father role at all.
The legal side of things are yet to be sorted, he is not on the certificate and has no legal  rights but because me and Natalie are not married neither does she.
This is something we are looking into mainly because if anything happens to me I need to know the baby is with her other Mummy.  But everything seems straight forward.

At first the idea of not being on the birth certificate because we are not married seemed unfair and bothered Natalie but she soon realised once the baby was here it was just a bit of paper and the bigger picture was so much more. Also she will be able to go on the certificate in the near future!

How we did it?  Self insemination at home.
First I started to track my monthly cycle and days I was ovulating ( there are some great calculators online to help guide you; I found them very useful) OK the next bit was embarrassing to say the least! For a guy to come round to your house to wank in a sterilised container! I remember thinking when he was on his way round to the house, do you offer him a bru? I didn’t know what to do!!! Anyway no bru offered he just did what he needed to do in private and left (we made sure he got tested before hand).
I got pregnant the very first month we tried but it sadly ended in a miscarriage. It was hard but common with first pregnancy and it was very early on! Though it was upsetting it didn’t stop us trying again. We had a months break and tried again. I got pregnant straight away! I couldn’t believe our luck! We didn’t announce the pregnancy until we had a few scans and  knew all was okay! We feel extremely lucky as it’s not that easy for some and they can be trying for a long time.

Pregnancy was a rollercoaster of emotions for both me and Natalie, I think people tend to forget about the other mummy and what they might be feeling! I look back and the fist two months I was a mess, my hormones were all over the place. But Natalie was my rock! Really she did anything and everything to help me feel everything was going to be okay! When I knew she was probably just as scared and nervous as I was! Heartburn is also a bitch isn’t it???
My due date was the 16th of February, the 16th came with no signs of the baby, i went for a sweep that morning and they said it had failed as my cervix was still high up and didn’t look like baby was coming soon! So we thought she was going to be a few days late.

Later that day Natalie was celebrating with friends & having a few drinks when I started to go into labour. She was very jolly at the hospital!! She asked the midwife 15 times when the baby would be here, she was all excited! We were sent home and thankfully Natalie had time to sleep it off! I was pacing the house trying to deal with the pain! Natalie got about five hours sleep before I couldn’t deal with the pain anymore! I woke her up and off to hospital we went! She looked rough and felt worse haha poor Natalie! She was terrified all through the labour (she told me after) but she was so supportive! I actually went into my own little world trying to manage the pain, kind of ignoring the fact Natalie and my mother were even there! I was so proud of myself for managing the labour the way I had! It’s painful!!

Our little bundle arrived on the 17th of February at 20.40 one day late and perfect! The best memory was watching Natalie hold our baby girl for the first time!
We now have a beautiful, healthy, comical 6 month old baby girl named Bridget Harper. She really is a credit to us! Sharing motherhood definitely has its challenges, but two mums is twice the love! Thanks for reading about our journey; it’s only the beginning!

Much love to all the Mummies out there, here are a few pictures of our Strawberry marked cutie pie & me and Natalie!


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