Sarah & Shelley

Hi everyone! So it’s Tuesday and as promised we have something brand new for you all. For once it’s not about us! Today is the beginning of Two Mummy Tuesdays. Every Tuesday we will be giving you a peek into other two mummy families and their lives as parents. We are so excited to share Sarah & Shelley’s story with you today  ❤


Me and my wife Shelley have been together just over 3 years and married just over 2 years. We decided very early on we wanted to have a baby but we knew we could never afford IVF. We decided to take a very unconventional route and found some sperm sites on Facebook.

We finally found our perfect donor after 3 months of looking. He didn’t charge us as he just wanted to help us have a family of our own. We created our baby using artificial insemination and it took 6 months to get pregnant which considering I have endometriosis is really good.

I didn’t have the nicest pregnancy and was very ill and ended up with pre-eclampsia which resulted in having to have an emergency c section, but it was all very worth it and wouldn’t change any of it as we have our perfect little princess.

Matilda is now 7 and a half months old. She will call me mummy and Shelley mumma, although currently all she says is dada (think it’s every babies first word even when one isn’t around lol).

Watching her do new things every day and all the smiles and laughter make all the sleepless nights worth every second. Matilda is so close to crawling now and we can’t wait for her to be on the move. Good luck to anyone going through this as we know it’s not the easiest thing.

Love Sarah, Shelley and Matilda xxx14101956_1024906500955945_871430188_n

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