Hello from the Mother side- an Interview with Jenny

So all too often you guys hear me waffle on about my side of the story and mainly that’s because Jenny doesn’t do social media. Like at all. Seriously the girl isn’t from this time. She’d have done better in the 1900’s. But I’m sure all of you would love to hear from her. So because it’s impossible to get the girl near a computer or a phone unless it’s to play a game I’ve been drafted in to get the scoop.

S: So how did you feel during my pregnancy as the non-carrying parent?
J: Feel great about it, I didn’t get my vajayjay ripped open

*Cue 10 minutes of childish giggles*

S: Ok seriously! How does it make you feel that biologically she isn’t yours?
J: It doesn’t bother me, I know she’s always going to be mine; I’ve been there from the start too. And she loves me more 😉

S: Yeah, yeah! Not surprised that she does, the dog does too! You’re pretty loveable  But just for a moment it got to you didn’t it?
J: I was just scared that we wouldn’t connect you know? And that maybe she wouldn’t instantly bond with me.

S: But those fears have gone?
J: Of course, from the moment I saw her we just clicked. I think because we had time together just us while you were getting stitched back together helped.

S: Thanks for reminding me! Although I’m glad you had those few hours together, not so glad she ripped me open…
J: Another reason I’m happy I didn’t carry her, I’m never squeezing one out!

S: Don’t worry, I got you. I’ll happily do it all over again next time. I’m so glad that you never wanted to be pregnant. I would have been seriously jealous if you had gotten to carry the baby and I didn’t.
J: I’m not like you but. That’s why we work so well.

S: Thank God! Two of me definitely wouldn’t work. I don’t know if I could put up with myself…
J: That’s why we’re perfect for each other. You’re the oven I’m the cook! (Jenny is a chef for those of you who don’t know)

S: Well that makes it sound like its your egg and I carried her, (which wasn’t the case) but I would love to do that next time! Thoughts?
J: Is that not a scary operation….and getting dildo cam??

S: Ha! Ok I can see the panic on your face. Maybe we’ll just stick with what we know?
J: Hm. Well it would be good in a way, maybe its something to look into, but not for a while. Next question!!

S: So something I know we get asked a lot is what is Callie going to call us and up until now we weren’t too sure. Have you had any more thoughts on it?

J: She’s just going to call her what she wants to call us.

S: Right now all I’m picturing is that moment in Family Guy…you know the one with Stewie and Lois…?

(I’ve just watched this like 10 times, it just gets funnier!)

S: If shes anything like you she’ll be stubborn and do what she wants but I think I’d like to be Mummy, what about you?
J: I’d say Mammy. We’ll just have to wait and see!

 S: So how was it watching me go through pregnancy and labour? I mean apart from me driving you crazy how did you feel?
J: At times it was hard to watch you while you were so sore and so sick and I couldn’t do anything for you.

S: But you were there for me, that’s all I needed. 
J: Yes I was, through all your crazy hormones.

S: I have to give you a high five. I don’t know how you put up with me at times! I was hard work!
J: No you weren’t. You were delightful… (can you just feel the sarcasm dripping from that??)

S: How did you feel when she was born?
J: Excited, Scared and so happy she was there.

S: Why scared?
J: That everything was going to change and it did, but in a good way and im so happy it has.

S: Finally, what have been the highs and lows of the journey so far?
J: The hardest bit has been seeing you in pain and the best bit has been seeing her wee face at the end of it all. What about you?

S: The hardest bit for me was getting the negative pregnancy tests. That killed me. But the best bit was definitely the moment she was born. It’s made everything else so worth it.

I think we’ll leave it there for now. Callie is calling! Thanks for reading and make sure to keep your eyes peeled on Tuesday for something new 🙂 


Sarah & Jenny x


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