You know you’re a Mummy when…

So obviously you know you’re a Mummy when a tiny person comes shooting out of there. Believe me if anything is going to shock you into realisation it’ll be that. Being ripped open from end to end tends to help cement a moment like that in your memory!

I think right up until she arrived I was in disbelief and even now I have moments where I sit and think, oh my goodness, she’s really mine! No one is coming to take her away and I’m not just babysitting. Just this morning I was thinking about how we have her with us for the rest of our lives. It may sound stupid but there are times I almost forget that.

Maybe its because I never thought I’d be lucky enough to have a baby of my own or because I was convinced something was going to go wrong and I never really let myself get excited. But here we are almost 2 months later and she fits in so well. Its like she’s always been here. Although there are times I do a double take when someone refers to me as her Mummy!

But all that aside, there’s been more than a few moments where I’ve definitely realised I’m a Mummy.

You know you’re a Mummy when…

The bodily functions of another human being tend not to gross you out any more.

In fact more often than not you’re praising a burp or thankful of a dirty nappy. And if you go more than a day without being peed, pooped or vomited it on it’s considered an accomplishment. Just yesterday when I was going to bed I realised that I’d gone through the majority of my day with sick down my back. Thanks Callie!

Your body goes into shock if you eat a hot meal.

I’m 100% sure Callie can tell when we’re about to eat dinner. She can be fast asleep and the second we sit down to eat she’s wide awake and up for a carryon. Generally we take turns eating, one holds her while trying to sneak bites of food as we’re calming her down while the other speed eats so they can take over. And if Jenny isn’t home? Oh I can say goodbye to eating unless it can be fired in the microwave and ready in 2 minutes or less. I’m not kidding when I say it took me 40 minutes to eat an apple today!
It makes me wonder how I still haven’t lost the baby weight…although we’ll leave the topic of my thunder thighs for another day!

You have no idea what’s going on in the real world.

In the mornings I used to be able to check Facebook, Snapchat, Timehop and play a couple of games on my phone. Now I cant remember the last time I made it the whole way to the end of my newsfeed. I was never one to watch the news anyway but I was always pretty clued in to what’s happening in the world. Now if it didn’t happen in my living room, I’m not aware of it! And as for watching your favourite TV show? Let’s just say it takes me a good few days after it’s aired to watch it and then it usually results in it being paused about 20 times before I’m even 10 minutes in.

Dr Google is your new best friend.

Every one of my recent Google searches have started with “Is it normal for babies to….”
When I was pregnant people assumed that because I work in childcare that I’d be fine and know everything there is to know about babies. But they forgot to take into consideration that I’m a massive freak-out. For the first few weeks I was obsessed with watching her breathe, there was one night I sat awake for over 2 hours watching her. And when I did eventually fall asleep I forced myself awake just to make sure she was ok.

 But the most important thing that lets you know you’re a mummy?

Having more love in your heart than you ever thought possible.

The love that makes every sleepless night and vomit covered top worthwhile. The love that takes your breath away and makes your heart skip a beat. That makes up for every cold cup of tea or half eaten slice of toast. And when your whole world is staring into your eyes, it doesn’t really matter what’s going on in anyone else’s.

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