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A few weeks after my GP visit we heard about Origin. So again I plucked up the courage and made the phone call that ultimately changed our lives. I didn’t know what to expect when I rang, I wondered would I be treated differently or laughed at or made to feel like I was 2 inches tall? But no, the voice on the end of the phone was warm and welcoming and made me feel at ease. She treated me as if I was any other patient and that’s just one of the many reasons I would recommend anyone starting their journey to give them a call. The staff make you feel so welcome and at home and always go above and beyond. We spent a lot of time at the clinic and it’s nice to see a smiling face when you walk in the door. They are professional from that first point of contact and everyone from the reception staff to the consultants treat you like a human being, which may not seem like a lot but trust me It was a welcome change!!

When we rang up to book our consultation we found they were offering them for free (at the time the first consultation was £250) and in this process free=good! The day of our consultation I was a bag of nerves, I couldn’t settle all morning. We barely spoke the whole way down the road, my brain was doing overtime and I had about a million questions running about my head. Jenny as usual took it in her stride, nothing ever seems to faze her. In saying that, I worry enough for the both of us. I remember sitting in the waiting room that first day and looking across at another couple. The man sat cool and collected while his partner rocked on the edge of her seat. I wondered why she was so nervous? How many times had they been here? Was she going for her treatment? How many heartbreaks had they suffered? Or were they waiting for their 6 week confirmation scan? Looking back I hope it was that, I imagine I looked a lot similar to her the morning we went for ours! I couldn’t help but feel sad when I watched her. We were only starting out and thankfully hadn’t known the struggles of infertility like they must have. I hope they’ve been successful and gotten their little miracle.

After what seemed like an eternity (it was probably only 5 minutes) we were escorted to the consultants office by one of the friendly nurses, she smiled and made small talk but I couldn’t take it in. I was way too nervous. As soon as we were greeted by the consultant the nerves started to fade. He was lovely and informative. He asked a few questions about us (age, my cycle, did we smoke/drink etc) he then asked what we knew of the process, I had done a little research on IUI before hand so I was able to tell him what little I knew. He explained it in greater detail but in a way we could understand. He also asked us which we would prefer to do IUI/IVF. We had decided on IUI for cost, it’s a pretty expensive process and for the cost of 1 round of IVF we could have 3 IUI’s. So even though our chances were lower we decided to go with that and the consultant agreed that since we didn’t seem to have any known fertility issues this was the smartest thing to do. He explained the costs involved and that I would have to have a hycosy (a procedure in which they inject dye into the uterus and tubes to check for any blockages) as there would be little point in us progressing with IUI if there was an issue with my tubes. I was told to ring on the first day of my next cycle to book In for it. We were then taken for some lovely blood tests to check my AMH levels (basically my egg reserve) and my CMV status. Everyone is either CMV positive or CMV negative so when choosing a donor the clinic like you to match.

Finally we got to meet Dr Steve the sperm guy! (Not his official title) he talked us through the process of choosing a donor and gave us links to various websites in which we could order from. There were a few criteria the donors had to meet (CMV status, non-anonymous & that they were allowed to be used in the UK). We were told to hold off on ordering until we got the results of my blood test but after that we were good to go! It was a really, really long day and it was just the first of many but it lead us to where we are now and for that i’m so very thankful.

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